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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


you sit with me side by side
we look each other to make a future
i made joke for you
just want to be closer with you
not to make you sad

you are the nice girl that i ever have
you talk in good way with me
even you know feeling of mine
an unexpected feeling for you
i still been threat with the best polite

a best friend of mine was you
never say you hate me
even you want  to
you slowly ogle your eyes from me
hope i know what your feeling in that time

i told you my feeling at one day
how come you didn't understand after you got clues
clues to discover a  heart of mine
i so sorry to say you all that words
i just angry when you make feel stupid

why now you don't ever speak  to me?
why now you don't comes to me?
     after i got a feelings of love on you?
     after you gave a wonderful moment with you..........

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